The Firm

The creation of Forsyth & Brown was a natural progression of a 15-year design partnership between Jodi Forsyth and Amy Brown. The Jackson interior design partners have worked on projects from coast to coast with a diverse clientele having widely varying experiences and tastes.

Jodi and Amy, each with 20 years of design experience, address a project with distinctive – and sometimes different – points of view. Their resulting collaboration with the client assures that every design idea has been carefully and thoroughly evaluated.

Their teamwork assures that what they put together is unique to that project. They work to get it ‘right,’ to never compromise at the expense of a project’s overall quality.

Along the design path, Jodi and Amy apply their experience and skill, their knowledge and sense of style and taste and their professional guidance to bring the vision to reality – comfortable, fluid spaces with colors, textures, shapes and sizes that fit their client’s lifestyle.

“Every project is an opportunity to use fresh ideas and new inspirations,” say Forsyth and Brown, “and when we see the project coming together, it is enormously satisfying.”




Jodi Forsyth grew up in Darien, Connecticut, graduating from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1989. Jodi began her design career in Jackson in 1991, first in high-end furniture retail, moving later into designing residential interiors, where she worked with Amy Brown at the Jackson office of Harker Design.

Jodi is an allied member of the American Association of Interior Design (ASID), in which she has been actively engaged since 2002.

Of her partner, Amy Brown has this to say - "Every project is an enriching experience, and Jodi loves meeting the people and the personal part of the business – learning about people’s styles and tastes and applying that to their project."

Says Jodi, “We both have an enthusiasm and a passion for what we do. And along the way we have fun with our clients, with our building and design partners and with each other.”






Amy Brown grew up in Logan, Utah, and graduated in 1994 from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Amy launched her design work in Jackson in 1995, first with e.k. Reedy, then partnering with Jodi Forsyth at Harker Design’s Jackson office.

Amy is a member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID), and previously served as President of ASID’s Intermountain Chapter.

Jodi describes her partner’s approach to design: “Amy never cuts corners. It’s got to be thought out to make sure that the details of the design – each piece of the puzzle – fit effectively into the project. For Amy, each project has to feel right.”